Merrill, Helen, Shorter, Wayne, Mitchell, Red, Clarke, Kenny & Harrell, Tom / Clear Out Of This World


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Number de Pistes 9
1. Out of This World / Merrill, Helen (6:17)
2. Not Like This / Merrill, Helen (3:03)
3. I'm All Smiles / Merrill, Helen (7:09)
4. When I Grow Too Old to Dream / Merrill, Helen (6:35)
5. Maybe / Merrill, Helen (5:37)
6. Some of These Days / Merrill, Helen (3:58)
7. A Tender Thing Is Love / Merrill, Helen (4:16)
8. Soon It's Gonna Rain / Merrill, Helen (4:40)
9. Willow Weep for Me / Merrill, Helen (7:44)
Reviews Although Helen Merrill is often thought of as a singer from the 1950s (when she made her initial reputation), she has stayed aware of more recent developments in jazz. On this superior CD, Merrill is accompanied by pianist Roger Kellaway, bassist Red Mitchell and drummer Terry Clarke; three songs add trumpeter Tom Harrell, while two others have Wayne Shorter on tenor or soprano. Whether performing veteran standards (such as "When I Grow Too Old to Dream" and "Some of These Days") or more modern pieces, Merrill's haunting voice and her all-star sidemen uplift and revitalize the material. A consistently memorable set full of subtle surprises. - Scott Yanow

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