Perkins, Bill

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Cohn, Al; Kamuca, Richie; Perkins, Bill The Brothers 1CD 1955 Jazz! 74321477922
Hi-Lo's, The; Paich, Marty; Dek-Tette feat. Sheldon, Jack; Geller, Harry; Perkins, Bill; Shank, Bud; Mondragon, Joe; Lewis, Mel And All That Jazz 1CD 2009 Essential Jazz Albums EJA 051 8436019580516 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Perkins, Bill; Montrose, Jack; Kamuca, Richie Les Génies du Jazz - Vol. V, N° 7: Perkins/Kamuca/Montrose - West Coast Tenors 1CD 1957 Editions Atlas JA-CD 2055

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