Waldron, Mal

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Niemack, Judy; Waldron, Mal Mingus, Monk, & Mal 1CD 10/07/1994 Free Lance FRL-CD 021 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Shepp, Archie; Waldron, Mal Left Alone Revisited 07/02/2002 Enja CD 9141-2
Waldron, Mal; Brown, Marion Songs Of Love And Regret 1CD 1985 Free Lance FRL CD006
Waldron, Mal; Lee, Jeanne After Hours 1CD 1994 Owl Records 013 426 2 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Wilen, Barney; Waldron, Mal; Trio Movie Themes From France 1CD 02/10/1990 Timeless CD SJP 335 Jazz: General Jazz

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