Terry, Clark

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Jones, Quincy; Sims, Zoot; Woods, Phil; Thielemans, Toots; Hall, Jim; Terry, Clark Strike Up the Band 1CD 1961 Mercury 830 774-2 Jazz: Big Band Swing
O'Farrill, Chico; Terry, Clark Spanish Rice 1CD 18/07/1966 Impulse! A-9127 Jazz: Latin
Terry, Clark Les Génies du Jazz - Vol. V, N° 4: Clark Terry - Out of Nowhere 1CD 1986 Editions Atlas JA-CD 2052
Terry, Clark Clark Terry - Série Waner Jazz ""Les Incontournables"" 1CD 56/6/81 WEA 0630 15418 2
Terry, Clark; Mitchell, Red To Duke And Basie 1CD 1986 Enja 5011 2
Tissendier, Claude; Saxomania; Terry, Clark A Tale Of Two Cities 1CD 02/08/1995 IDA Records IDA 040 Jazz: Big Band Swing

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