Rogers, Shorty

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Prado, Perez; Rogers, Shorty Voodoo Suite 1CD 08/04/1954 RCA Records 74321984172 Jazz: General Jazz
Rogers, Shorty Shorty Rogers Courts The Count 1CD 02/02/1954 Jazz! 74321257692
Rogers, Shorty Portrait Of Shorty (Shorty Rogers and His Giants) 1CD 1957 RCA 74321 21822 2
Rogers, Shorty; Big Band Afro-Cuban Influence 1CD 19/06/1958 RCA Records 74321914252 Jazz: Cool/West Coast Jazz
Rogers, Shorty; His Giants Gigi In Jazz 1CD 30/01/1958 RCA Victor 74321125882 Jazz: General Jazz

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