Merrill, Helen

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Merrill, Helen Best One (import Japon) 1CD JVC VICP-5016
Merrill, Helen Helen Merrill, Jerome Kern Album 1CD Victor VDJ1059
Merrill, Helen Helen Merrill, Rodgers & Hammerstein Album 1CD Victor VDJ1060
Merrill, Helen Parole E Mucica 1CD 1960 BMG 74321592642
Merrill, Helen Chasin' The Bird - Gershwin 1CD 1979 Gitanes Jazz Productions 558 850 2
Merrill, Helen Casa Forte 1CD 1980 5588482
Merrill, Helen Blossom Of Stars 1CD 1993 Emarcy 514 652-2 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Merrill, Helen Brownie (Homage To Clifford Brown) 1CD 1994 Gitanes Jazz 522 363 2
Merrill, Helen Carrousel 1CD 1996 Finlandia Records 0630 14914 2
Merrill, Helen Jela Ana Milcetic a.k.a Helen Merrill 1CD 1999 Gitanes Jazz Productions 543 048 2
Merrill, Helen Lilac Wine 1CD 21/05/2002 Gitanes Jazz Productions 067 566-2 0044006756622 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Merrill, Helen Dream Of You 1CD 54/4/56 Emarcy 314 514 074 2
Merrill, Helen The Nearness Of You 1CD 57/7/58 Emarcy EJD-1006
Merrill, Helen; Beck, Gordon No Tears, No Goodbyes 1CD OWL 038CD
Merrill, Helen; Beck, Gordon; Grappelli, Stéphane; Lacy, Steve Music Makers (Feat. Gordon Beck,Stéphane Grappelli, Steve Lacy) 1CD 1986 OWL 044CD
Merrill, Helen; Brown, Clifford; Evans, Gil With Clifford Brown And Gil Evans 1CD Polygram 8382922
Merrill, Helen; Carter, Ron Duets (Helen Merrill + Ron Carter) 1CD 1988 Emarcy 8380972
Merrill, Helen; Evans, Gil Collaboration (Feat. Gil Evans) 1CD Emarcy 8342052
Merrill, Helen; Getz, Stan Just Friends (Feat. Stan Getz) 1CD 1989 Emarcy 8420072
Merrill, Helen; Hayman, Richard With Strings (Import Japon) 1CD 1955 Emarcy EJD-3052 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Merrill, Helen; Katz, Dick The Feeling Is Mutual (together with Dick Katz) 1CD 1965 Emarcy EJD-3021
Merrill, Helen; Katz, Dick The Feeling Is Mutual - Helen Merrill / Dick Katz 1CD 1965 Gitanes Jazz Productions 558 849 2
Merrill, Helen; Katz, Dick A Shade Of Difference - Dick Katz 1CD 1968 Gitanes Jazz Productions 558 851 2
Merrill, Helen; Shorter, Wayne; Mitchell, Red; Clarke, Kenny; Harrell, Tom Clear Out Of This World 1CD 1991 Emarcy - Gitanes Jazz 510691-2

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