Martin, Claire

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Martin, Claire The Waiting Game 1CD 1991 Linn Records AKD 018
Martin, Claire Devil May Care 1CD 1993 Linn Records AKD 021
Martin, Claire Old Boyfriends 1CD 1994 Linn Records AKD 028
Martin, Claire Offbeat 1CD 1995 Linn Records AKD 046
Martin, Claire Make This City Ours 1CD 1996 Linn Records AKD 066
Martin, Claire Take My Heart 1CD 1999 Linn Records AKD 093 5020305300938 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Martin, Claire Perfect Alibi 1CD 10/11/1999 Linn Records AKD 122 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Martin, Claire Too Darn Hot! 1CD 2002 Linn Records AKD 198 Jazz: General Jazz
Martin, Claire Secret Love 1CD 06/06/2004 Linn Records AKD 246 0691062024624 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Martin, Claire When Lights Are Low 1CD 2005 Linn Records AKD 260 0691062026024 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Martin, Claire He Never Mentioned Love 1CD 2007 Linn Records AKD 285 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Various Artists; Peyroux, Madeleine; Martin, Claire; Stigers, Curtis BBC Jazz Awards 2007 2CD 2007 BBC SPEC007 Jazz: General Jazz

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