Nitescu, Costel

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Gresset, Rocky with Imbert, Diego; Nitescu, Costel; Dutronc, Thomas Rocky Gresset 1CD 2009 Dreyfus Jazz 3460503694224 Jazz: Gypsy Jazz
Laffont, Steeve; Quartet with Nitescu, Costel Swing For Jess 1CD 19/01/2009 Le Chant Du Monde 274 1737 0794881928729 Jazz: Gypsy Jazz
Laffont, Steeve; Rabuffetti, Rudi; Nitescu, Costel; Oustiakine, Serge Live In Marciac 1CD + 1DVD 2010 Le Chant Du Monde 274 1694.95 0794881996629 Jazz: Gypsy Jazz
Nitescu, Costel Forever Swing, Grappelli Forever 1CD 10/09/2007 Le Chant Du Monde 274 1544 Jazz: Gypsy Jazz
Schmitt, Tchavolo; Nitescu, Costel; Daussat, Samy; Schmitt, Dorado; Dupont, Claudius Live In Paris 1CD 20/09/2008 Le Chant Du Monde 2741741 0794881929221 Jazz: Gypsy Jazz

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