Linx, David

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Cover Artiste Titre Format Realisation Label No Catalogue Code Barre Genre Rating
Linx, David; Joao, Maria; Wissels, Diederik; Laginha, Mario Follow the Songlines 2CD 2010 Naïve NJ 620811 3298496208117 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Linx, David; Wissels, Diederik This Time 1CD 11/2002 Le Chant Du Monde 274 1254 Jazz: General Jazz
Linx, David; Wissels, Diederik; Claassen, Fay One Heart, Three Voices 1CD 05/2005 E.motive Records E.M 0504 0826596031040 Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Wallemme, Christophe with Huchard, Stéphane feat. Linx, David Time Zone 1CD 10/2003 Nocturne NTCD 356 0826596003566 Jazz: General Jazz

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